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  Have you been searching for a way to change the way your deck or patio looks? Have you considered an open-air room? If so, then an outdoor fire pit or freestanding, pot-bellied fireplace called a chiminea can create a cozy, warm room that you can enjoy even in the harshest winter conditions. Fire Pits

A Landscape Contractor Can Help You Build Your Dream Landscape A landscape contractor help you to construct the landscape you have always wanted. A landscape contractor is a specialty contractor who offers the products and services required for landscape construction; or supplies the management and maintenance needed to keep tasks in prime condition after implementation. Landscape

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hardscaping San Diego CA

Hardscaping San Diego CA

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Hardscaping stands for non-living or hard elements, which includes walkways, decks or even ornamental features. Hardscaping in Garden Design Hardscapes could be informal or formal, according the preference, style of one’s home and landscape’s surroundings.  In hardscaping, textural options should be considered carefully and is given a lot of importance. However, using a single texture can

Mediterranean landscape design is best for California’s climate and way of life. We identify a Mediterranean climate as one with dry moderate temperature in summers and cool, however not freezing, wet winter seasons. It’s a 2 season climate. The Mediterranean climates are near large bodies of water, such as the Mediterranean sea, which is the

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Water rates are increasing all over California, due to our state’s rapidly increasing populace putting even more needs on our existing water supplies. Cities and counties are cracking down, issuing new laws and policies like the state’s Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance  . This regulation planned to promote outdoor watering effectiveness and reduce runoff. Consumers

hardscapes San Diego CA

Do you live in the California? Then you must know that how important it is for you to save and conserve water for your future use. Water is a very crucial part of everyone’s life. People need water for various reasons and without it life is, undoubtedly, incomplete.  After four years of continuous drought Californians are

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Save Money, Water and Time with Sustainable Landscaping A sustainable landscape can in fact be less costly and easier to maintain, because it’s designed properly. Far from being a sacrifice, establishing a sustainable landscape can bring you rich rewards and beauty you might not have thought was even possible. If you reside in a dry

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There is nothing quite like gathering outdoors with friends and family around a backyard grill or  BBQ pit.  Whether it is the aroma of steaks on the grill or a slab of ribs smoking in the BBQ, cooking outdoors can be a lot of fun. and really add to your overall San Diego outdoor living

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Up until wood decks became so fashionable about ten years ago, a lot of outdoor patios in San Diego were made from harder materials like concrete, brick or stone. Today, many homeowners who installed those wood decks need to change them because of rotting or warping wood, or because they are simply fed up with

San Diego fire pit

Fire pits or fire rings have a long history in San Diego. Who hasn’t gathered with close friends around a San Diego fire pit on a beach at night? They are becoming very popular as part of your home too landscaping too and there are a number of designs from which to choose and many means