planning your landscape design San Diego CA

  Creating your very own landscape, can be both exciting and difficult. If you are considering such a task, here are some practical ideas and suggestions. Planning Your Landscape Design Planning your landscape design is the very first and most important step. Take the time to gather the info you will need to make your

Building a Patio in San Diego CA

Saturday, 24 October 2015 by

Before building a patio you need to believe thoroughly about exactly what you want to get from it. 6 things to think about prior to building a patio. Area. Many individuals assume a patio must butt as much as the back of their home however a stand alone patio, possibly in the middle of the

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curb appeal San Diego CA

6 Tips to Better Curb Appeal

Monday, 28 September 2015 by

Maximize Your Curb Appeal with These Landscaping Tips Curb appeal that makes a great first impression to not only you and your neighbors, but also potential home buyers, can increase your chances of selling your home. Maximize your curb appeal by upping your landscape game, to ultimately add value to your home. If you want

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Landscape design tips San Diego CA

Garden Design and Landscape Construction

Thursday, 24 September 2015 by

San Diego Landcare Systems is a Design Build landscape construction firm.  We work with you to design and create a landscape that meets and exceeds your expectations. As a Design Build landscaping company in San Diego we are able to take your project from idea to completion.  We do this with our own landscape designers, installers and

water saving landscaping tips San Diego, CA

Reduce Water Usage Dramatically with These Water Saving Landscaping Tips Did you know there are effective and easy ways to have water saving landscaping without doing a major landscape renovation?  Even here in drought-stricken California it is estimated that we are using up to 25% more water than they need to maintain healthy, beautiful landscapes. In fact,

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fire pits San Diego CA

  Have you been searching for a way to change the way your deck or patio looks? Have you considered an open-air room? If so, then an outdoor fire pit or freestanding, pot-bellied fireplace called a chiminea can create a cozy, warm room that you can enjoy even in the harshest winter conditions. Fire Pits

A Landscape Contractor Can Help You Build Your Dream Landscape A landscape contractor help you to construct the landscape you have always wanted. A landscape contractor is a specialty contractor who offers the products and services required for landscape construction; or supplies the management and maintenance needed to keep tasks in prime condition after implementation. Landscape

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hardscaping San Diego CA

Hardscaping San Diego CA

Friday, 31 July 2015 by

Hardscaping stands for non-living or hard elements, which includes walkways, decks or even ornamental features. Hardscaping in Garden Design Hardscapes could be informal or formal, according the preference, style of one’s home and landscape’s surroundings.  In hardscaping, textural options should be considered carefully and is given a lot of importance. However, using a single texture can

Mediterranean landscape design is best for California’s climate and way of life. We identify a Mediterranean climate as one with dry moderate temperature in summers and cool, however not freezing, wet winter seasons. It’s a 2 season climate. The Mediterranean climates are near large bodies of water, such as the Mediterranean sea, which is the

certified water manager

Water rates are increasing all over California, due to our state’s rapidly increasing populace putting even more needs on our existing water supplies. Cities and counties are cracking down, issuing new laws and policies like the state’s Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance  . This regulation planned to promote outdoor watering effectiveness and reduce runoff. Consumers

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