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Who loves outdoor spaces as much as I do? Well … after a long, cold winter, the answer to that is probably just about everybody! Whether your home boasts a patio, a deck, a substantial outdoor room, or just the teeniest, tiniest urban balcony, there’s something so pleasurable about being able to relax in the

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Outdoor Living Room San Diego

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Monday, 28 November 2016 by

For those who have a little extra room outside, you might be considering creating an outdoor living space and this would be a good move. In the summer, you would be allowed more room for gatherings and it allows you to make more of your home. Furthermore, it will add charm and value to your

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San Diego yard makevover

Popular Ways to Add Value to Your Outdoor Living Spaces Want to give your outdoor living spaces a new look or even a major remodel.  These upgrades are rated the best for adding value and curb appeal to your home making it easier to attract buyers when it comes time to sell.     Decks

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Outdoor lights are not only essential, but they can also transform your yard into a summer oasis where the whole family can kick back and relax. There are no rules when it comes to outdoor lighting; mix-and-match all the options below to create your own magical nighttime haven. Candles are a surefire way to create

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Landscape design tips San Diego CA

It’s one thing to know you and your landscape need professional help. It’s another thing to know which landscape professional offers the skills and services you need for the specific landscaping challenges you hope to resolve. To clarify the picture, let’s take a quick look to see who does what. Landscaper Landscapers are the doers and

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Stunning patio inspiration is available to us at our fingertips, but which route should we go with when doing a patio makeover? Have you ever thought of your patio as the newest room in your house? If you shift your thinking, this “new room” opens up possibilities for designing that space you always desired– even

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It will take a great deal of work and planning to turn a space into a lovely small backyard design. Nevertheless, a few smart concepts will turn that barren plot into a lovely spot to relax, gather and hang around, in addition it will add value to your home. To get a concept of exactly

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Hiring one company to do both Landscape Design-Build and construction can simplify the process. Here are pros and cons for deciding if it’s right for you For homeowners who are looking to get a landscape project under way, a landscape design-build firm can streamline the process. Using a design-build service may have pluses and minuses,

Landscape design tips San Diego CA

Home Landscaping Tips for Beginners

Thursday, 30 June 2016 by

  The ideal home landscaping provides your family with recreation, privacy, and pleasure — even as those needs change over time. What’s more, the landscape should — and will — add to your home’s value and its curb appeal in all seasons, especially fortunate at selling time. Here’s how to get started with your plans. Think

Open up your home and expand your space with an outdoor kitchen, allowing you to relax in the sun with all of your home comforts around you. Spend the entire day outside and cook something delicious while entertaining friends. By building your own outdoor kitchen, you can cook for family and friends during the summer,