Searching Far & Wide to Find a Local Landscaping Company in Mission Hills?

If you’re looking far & wide to find a landscaping company, then you’re looking too hard. At [company_name] we are locally owned contractors that do outdoor construction. We do everything from simple irrigation to challenging outdoor rooms where you can relax.

Mission Hills Landscape DesignMission Hills dry streambeds

Everything at [company_name] starts with a simple design. Our landscape designs are what get your outdoor construction completed. Outdoor designs, such as fire pits, can be constructed using our level of expertise. Expertise that you can’t find anywhere else.

Years ago, the only way to build a fire pit was to throw some large rocks around a circle. Nowadays they are so much more intricate. A Mission Hills fire pit is not your average pit. We design everything from the block around it to the seating area.

We can make your fire pit worth the investment. You and your friends can sit outdoors in the evening enjoying one another’s company sitting alongside a nice, warm fire.

Mission Hills Outdoor Kitchens

Thinking about an outdoor kitchen?  Of course you are or else you wouldn’t be reading this. An outdoor fireplace can be built to your specifications. There are lots of add-ons you can make to it, but sticking with the basics will get it created a lot faster.

Cost of an outdoor kitchen:

  • Appliances – Appliances for the kitchen will run different prices. For example, a grill can run anywhere from $200-4,000 depending on the type that you want. A stainless steel sink will set you back $100 and that’s without installation.
  • Framework – Stucco runs $5.00 per square foot just as manufactured stone will run about $20 per square foot.
  • Countertop – If you’re getting an outdoor kitchen built, then you’ll obviously need a countertop. Granite runs $60 -70 per square foot. Bluestone costs $35-40 a square foot.

Mission Hills Landscape Lighting

Lighting not only helps you see better, it also enhances the appeal of wherever you install it. Good landscape lighting will make your landscape stand out. How many times have you had your flower bed tramped on all due to a lack of lighting?

Four types of main landscape lights:

  1. Accent lights
  2. Backlights
  3. Flood lights
  4. Spot lights

We’re not electricians, but we have the ability to install good lighting at a price that you can afford.  You can trust that you’ll receive a great service each and every time that you use our landscaping company. How can we make your outdoors look better? Call and see!  

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