Understanding Landscape Installation

Whether you are moving into a new house, or upgrading the grounds of the home you already reside in, landscaping can drastically change the appearance of your home. You may such as a nicely trimmed yard or prefer a wild and natural appearance, you might live in an arid climate and have to xeriscape, or you may like a well cared for lawn. No matter how you choose to landscape, there is a professional out there whose can help you get the overall look that you want!

Exactly what is landscape installation?

It is the procedure of setting up plants, water features, swimming pools, rock formations, retaining walls, walkways, decks and patios, and other outdoor structures in a manner where all facets of the landscape compliment each other.

What is so crucial about proper landscape installation?

Some customers and companies have landscape installed without consulting a landscape designer. Many times, it is necessary for the landscape work to be taken out because it does not work for a number of reasons. Consulting a landscape designer to develop a master plan (the illustration that represents the landscape and/or hardscape – decks, pathways, water features, plants, retaining walls, etc.- to be installed) can save a customer money.

landscape installation San Diego CAAn appropriate landscape installation begins with assessing the master plan to identify what modifications will certainly be required in the grade. What soil amendments are required and exactly what plants have actually been chosen that need to be set up.

When the master plan has been examined for these aspects, a landscape designer’s understanding and experience are utilized to figure out the proper installation strategy. Proper landscape installation is crucial to the overall project. Much education, experience and hands on training are needed in developing a successful landscape design but the design is only as good as the installation.

The landscape installation procedure starts with the hardscape part of the landscape. Focus on detail is vital to the total success of your hardscape design. It is necessary to have a working understanding concerning proper procedures of installing the features of the hardscape. Appropriate landscape installation guarantees the client issue free use for several years to come. It is important to hire an expert in the field.

The key to a beautiful and healthy landscape is the soil prep work. Therefore, the planting portion of the installation process starts with testing the soil in the proposed landscape area. The soil test offers info that assists the landscape designer understand what soil changes need to be contributed to ensure plants have the nutrients had to grow successfully. Every plant requires various nutrients. When a variety of plants are being used, a typical soil medium has to be established to address a variety of plant requirements. These modifications are tilled into the soil at a depth of 12″ to 18″. With the soil appropriately modified, we prepare to finish the landscape installation by installing the plants.

Other Landscape Installation Considerations

How big is your property?

landscape construction San Diego CAThe single biggest consideration involving the expense of your new landscaping installation is the size of your property. If your home rests on a huge lot, and you’re not exactly sure if you can afford to landscape the whole area, speak with your professional landscaper about the possibility of landscaping it in sections. A professional landscaper will be able to tell you the best strategy for this. For instance, if there are plants that take a longer time to come to maturity you might have the ability to grow them initially and when they are reaching their peak landscape another section that grows faster so that everything looks perfect at the same time.

Do you desire a lawn?

Lawns require careful upkeep, and plenty of water, particularly at the beginning. Many Californians are ditching the traditional lawns for artificial turf or drought-tolerant plants. Discuss this with your landscape designer. There are many options available.

Xeriscaping Option

Xeriscaping is a style of landscaping that utilizes plants, shrubs, ground covers and rocks that require hardly any water to grow. The expense of installing a xeriscaped lawn is frequently more than just growing lawn and flowers. However, as soon as developed the upkeep and water expenses are kept low by design.

Patio Installation

Patios or decks are a great addition to your landscaping plan as they offer a relaxing location for you to enjoy your new yard and garden, as well as a fantastic place to entertain friends. The total expense will based upon the products you pick. For example, Cement block or brick patios may be less expensive than flagstone or granite tiles. Speak to your installer about how you intend to use your patio and what the best materials might be.

Water and Irrigation

Do not spend your time and money on a beautiful landscape if you have not taken water and irrigation problems into account first. Setting up a lawn sprinkler, leveling the ground to avoid run off, and planning which plants, shrubs or flowers will get more and less water are all preventative measures that may take more money and time in the short-term but will benefit you in the long run.