Do You Need  a Landscaping Company in Hillcrest?

San Diego patiosWithout a professional landscaping company like [company_name], there would be no good looking exteriors in California. For over 35 years we have been keeping up with both the front and back yards as well as residential & commercial properties.

Hillcrest Landscape Design

Looking to expand your back yard? Call [company_name] and we can do it for you. We start with a simple idea and build a blueprint from there. From unique concrete designs to patio covers, we can do it all.

A patio cover is incorporated with a patio in order to provide it with the protection that you need from weather conditions. Homeowners love to cover their patios because they don’t need their fun to stop all due to a couple drops of rain.

Advantages of a Hillcrest patio cover:

  • Extend living space – You can now have the same comfort indoors out. Convert your patio into that tropical oasis that can send you on an awesome “staycation”.
  • Controls degrees of sun & shade – You have total control of a patio cover. You can let more sun in or omit it. A shade factor between 60-40% can be had using the cover.
  • Fire resistant – Aluminum types of these covers are fire resistant. Fire tends to do a lot of damage to wood, paper, plastic and other materials, but aluminum is one metal that’s tough to warp.

Hillcrest Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens make for great additions in the California region due to long lasting sun and terrific weather. You two can reap the benefits of an outdoor kitchen just by calling [company_name] for ideas. Now you can bring the indoors out.

Benefits of an outdoor kitchen:

  • Great way to entertain
  • Adds more value to the home
  • Makes cooking a lot easier

There are certainly too many benefits to list. You and your family can enjoy your outdoor kitchen as it will increase bonding time and bring the family together more often.

Hillcrest Landscape Lighting

Want to show off your landscaping? You can through landscape lighting. It’s the best and easiest way to do so. There are lots of affordable options available to you. You can set the lights on a particular section of the landscape.

Types of landscape lighting:

  • Solar – Put these lights in your yard or garden and watch them shine. They can hang or free stand. The duration of solar lighting all depends on the amount of sun they get.
  • Spotlights – The best way to create an atmosphere in your yard. These lights project a direct focus on trees or plants.
  • Low Voltage – These come in 12 volt lights. You can hang them in your flowerbed or wherever you want. Call for installation prices today.

Learn why we are the landscaping company that can deliver you with quality lighting or whatever your outdoor needs are.

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