Landscape Designer Blueprints San Diego CA

Why Hire a San Diego Landscape Designer and Builder

Often times people will hire a company that only provides blueprints to merely find out that when they present the plans to a contractor, they are told that the plans are either not practical or that the costs of the project are out of their budget. This happens because many of the landscape designers out there have insufficient knowledge and experience of all the construction aspects involved in a project. That’s why here at San Diego Landcare Systems, we do it all…from concept to completion.

When you hire a landscape designer and builder you can prevent many “surprises” or problems that may occur during the actual construction phase of your new landscape. We’ll develop a budget right along with the ideas and plans, to save you time and money.

One of the first decisions concerning your San Diego landscape design will be the positioning, shaping and placement of your “hardscape” areas. These will be actual extensions of your living space from inside the home. Once you have selected the materials (concrete, brick, flagstone, tile, wood, etc.) with the help of your landscape designer, then you must arrange these areas in some fashion as to present balance, continuity and flow. Here we have provided you with many examples and variations of traditional design concepts and combined them in various ways.


3D Imaging

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CAD Designs