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Do you live in the California? Then you must know that how important it is for you to save and conserve water for your future use. Water is a very crucial part of everyone’s life. People need water for various reasons and without it life is, undoubtedly, incomplete.  After four years of continuous drought Californians are

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Sustainable Landscaping in San Diego CA

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Save Money, Water and Time with Sustainable Landscaping A sustainable landscape can in fact be less costly and easier to maintain, because it’s designed properly. Far from being a sacrifice, establishing a sustainable landscape can bring you rich rewards and beauty you might not have thought was even possible. If you reside in a dry

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sitting area - landscape Design Trends 2015

It is just about time to welcome a new year and say goodbye to 2014.  What are your landscaping plans for 2015?  Taking a look at the likely landscape design trends 2015 may give you a better idea. Top Landscape Design Trends The popularity of outdoor fireplaces, family-friendly fire pits, and integrated grills continues to grow.

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There is nothing quite like gathering outdoors with friends and family around a backyard grill or  BBQ pit.  Whether it is the aroma of steaks on the grill or a slab of ribs smoking in the BBQ, cooking outdoors can be a lot of fun. and really add to your overall San Diego outdoor living

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San Diego’s outdoors beckons bird watchers from around the world. The region’s beautiful and diverse landscape, from 70 miles of oceanfront beaches and bayfront tidelands to inland foothills, canyons, mountains and deserts, provides a long-term or migratory the home of a few of nature’s most notable feathery pals. San Diego County is among those uncommon

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Up until wood decks became so fashionable about ten years ago, a lot of outdoor patios in San Diego were made from harder materials like concrete, brick or stone. Today, many homeowners who installed those wood decks need to change them because of rotting or warping wood, or because they are simply fed up with

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Fire pits or fire rings have a long history in San Diego. Who hasn’t gathered with close friends around a San Diego fire pit on a beach at night? They are becoming very popular as part of your home too landscaping too and there are a number of designs from which to choose and many means

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10 Common San Diego Landscape Mistakes

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Lawn and garden care can be tough for new homeowners. You’ve probably admired your neighbors’ beautiful landscapes and figured it would be easy for you to start gardening, too. Landscaping can be a rewarding hobby if you learn how to properly maintain your landscape. Learn to avoid the following, very common San Diego landscaping mistakes, and

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North County Landscape Design

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Each home owner searching for a North County landscape design contractor has a idea of how their particular landscaping will want to look. At San Diego Landcare Systems, it is our responsibility to develop these ideas into reality. You can expect a multitude of services such as design, installation, as well as remodeling of current

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Why It Is Best to Use a San Diego Design and Build Landscape Contractor? A swimming pool is the best back yard feature. It can be the center of family life with children who are spending much of their time in the water. San Diego swimming pools are utilized all year are often the emphasis